Feb. to June 2014 China Bulletin

Notice by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, Bureau of Statistics, Administration of Foreign Exchange Concerning the Launch of the 2014 Joint Declaration of Annual Operations for Foreign-Invested Enterprise


To the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, cities with separate planning, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Department of Finance (Bureau), State Administration of Taxation, local Taxation Bureaus, Statistics Bureaus, Foreign Exchange Bureaus:


To further transform government functions, improve the investment environment, promote establishment of a system with integrity for foreign investment enterprises and foreign investors and the full realization of information sharing among the relevant departments, the joint annual report on the operating situation of foreign-invested enterprises is launched in the entire country in 2014 (hereinafter, the “joint Annual Report”). We now provide notice of related matters as follows:


One: April 21 to June 30, 2014 shall be the annual reporting period for the Joint Annual Report for enterprises with foreign investment; the contents of the Report shall be changes to the operating situation and to related basic information for 2013. Within China, foreign-invested enterprises that are legally established and registered, and qualified as a legal person, are all required to submit and complete the annual report within a specified time.


Two: Foreign-invested enterprises shall register within a specified time with the national online system for joint declaration of annual operating situation of foreign-invested enterprises and for sharing information (hereinafter referred to as the “Joint Declaration and Online Sharing System”), complete joint annual reporting information, and correct any errors or omissions, by June 30.


Three: Joint annual information provided through the Joint Declaration and Online Sharing System shall be shared among each of the departments receiving the joint annual declaration.


Four: When enterprises report the information for the Joint Annual Report, they shall provide public notice in an appropriate manner on the Joint Declaration and Online Sharing System. When an annual report is not filed timely or truthfully, or the enterprise has illegal production or business activities, the departments receiving the Joint Annual Report should communicate closely with each other and carry out their respective functions according to law.


Five: The departments receiving the Joint Annual Report according to the “Notice” must fully deploy and in a well-organized manner initiate the Joint Annual Report work. The work should be widely publicized, fully mobilized, strengthening sectoral linkage mechanisms, increasing supervision and efforts to urge reporting, and improve enterprise reporting awareness.


Six: The departments receiving the Joint Annual Report must strengthen the data reporting and audit functions of the concerned staff of newly established enterprises, of staff handling annual reporting work and of staff of accounting firms, improving. They should pay close attention to the Joint Annual Report for obvious omissions or abnormal data, and remind enterprises to promptly correct them.


Seven: Enterprises should be encouraged to entrust accounting firms with the relevant qualifications to report annual data on their behalf. Accounting firms should, on the basis of objective, truthful and fair conduct, provide forensics and services based on the provisions of the People’s Republic of China Accounting Law, the Chinese Certified Public Accountants Law, the Corporate Financial Accounting Reports Ordinanceand other financial accounting systems.


Eight: The Joint Annual Report is an important way to strengthen supervision and management of foreign-invested enterprises during and after the process; the departments receiving Joint Annual Reports should make full use of the results of the enterprise annual data reports, relying on the data to strengthen the honest supervision and management foreign-invested enterprises and foreign investors, and from many aspects to recognize outstanding enterprises and provide appropriate incentives.


Nine: The Joint Annual Report provides a comprehensive grasp of the current situation of foreign-invested enterprises, and is an important means of understanding the operations of enterprises; all localities should strengthen statistical analysis of annual data and make full use of the annual report data and dissemination channels. After the annual report work is complete, it constitutes a summary analysis report, to be reported to each competent authority by July 31, 2014.


If problems are encountered in the process of the Joint Annual Report work, please immediately report to each department in charge.Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, Statistics Bureau, Foreign Exchange Bureau

April 16, 2014

联合年报申报工作中遇到的问题,请及时向各主管部门反映。商务部 财政部 税务总局 统计局 外汇局2014年4月16日

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